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Sarah Schain Meditations 1

Hello and thank you for visiting the SOAR meditation's curation. I started this meditation series with a one minute instruction with how to breathe. I know that sounds funny, but I've noticed a lot of people just don't know how to breathe. Their breaths are very shallow and they're only coming from the shoulders and chest area when really we're supposed to be using our entire torso, the belly, the side body, the back body. Just look at how a baby, a cat or even a dog would breathe. I'm trying to stimulate that action and in teaching you on how to breathe properly, you take that breathing technique into the rest of the meditations. I've given you examples of different methods and techniques of how to change up your day, change the energy, changed the way you're feeling. Using a huffy breath to release tension. Alliance breaths to release tension and bring calm a stress relief meditation and tying the knots relieving tension in the entire body. A guided heart breathing meditation to inspire joy, a meditation to release tension and create positive affirmations for your day. There's a grounding and energizing meditation, teaching you how to release that negativity and tapping into the positivity and energy that's already universal in our lives. And finally, there's a mindful meditation and a relax at your desk meditation. Each of these meditations will end with a statement inviting gratitude or creating an intention to set for your day. With the intentions I want you to think of how you want to feel for the day and maybe calling on some energies to help you get done what you need to for the day. For example, if you're up to your eyeballs in a really stressful project and you're not feeling it, maybe you need to call on the energy of purposefulness, of tenacity, something along those lines. Just call it in and see if you can tune into that frequency to help you accomplish and feel productive for your day. We all have the choice to reset and reframe and do what we need to do to be our highest and best selves. Whether you're at work or you're at home, really wherever you are, and I hope you'll take this opportunity to be your best self and learn how to meditate. Thank you so much for your time. Namaste!

Sarah Schain Was introduced to yoga when she was 19 years old and diagnosed with Lyme's Disease. She ached with arthritis and was impaired with severe fatigue. To top it off, the medications made her feel even worse, not better. She was fortunate to have a doctor that suggested she look into yoga for physical and mental relief. She had to travel over 40 miles each way to the nearest Hatha Yoga Class, and was hooked. Even more interesting, she did her first meditation as a 10 year old at sleep away camp. She loved it so much she asked the teacher to make her a tape so she could practice at home! She treasured this tape until many years later it warped. She didn't know that what she was doing was called meditation, so when she was reintroduced to the practice as a young adult, it was the ultimate “A-Ha” moment.
  • Introduction
  • How to Breathe
  • Huffy Breath to Release Tension
  • Lions Breath for Releasing Tension
  • Stress Relieving Breathing
  • Untying the Knots
  • Guided Heart-Breathing Technique
  • Releasing Tension and Affirmation
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Relax and Reframe at your Desk
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